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Един нов див свят: завръщането на дивата природа в Европа завладява телевизионната аудитория от цял свят

28 August 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

Документалната поредицата “Възраждане на дивата Европа”, представяща грандиозното завръщане на природата в Европа, започва своето международно представяне през септември.

Dangerous for the vultures electric poles insulated in Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria

10 July 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

This week four new electric poles are insulated in Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria under the LIFE “Conservation of black and griffon vultures in Rhodope Mountains”. The insulation is one of the most important direct conservation project activities and until now 171 poles at risk for birds have been isolated in the Eastern Rhodopes and diverters have been installed on a 1.5 km power transmission line.

One year of operation of the small sized feeding stations – a win win collaboration in Kompsatos valley

27 June 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

In these dire times, the “collaboration” between livestock breeders of Kompsatos valley and a “nature’s clean-up crew” seems to have equally benefited both. Increasing and strict sanitary regulations of carcasses disposal force livestock breeders to process accordingly with their dead animals, something that might be difficult to achieve in some places. Due to the above mentioned regulations, the availability of vultures’ food source has shrunk

БДЗП започва едномесечна публична консултация на Националната стратегия за борба с отровите

22 May 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

Българското дружество за защита на птиците (БДЗП) започва от днес едномесечна публична консултация на националната стратегия за борба с отровите. Стратегията има за цел да смекчи една от най-големите за биоразнообразието заплахи – отровите.  

Growing deer population in Rhodope rewilding area in Bulgaria 

6 May 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

Red and fallow deer populations in Rhodope  rewilding area in Bulgaria are increasing rewarding the team’s rewilding efforts. The Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation have been working for many years to reestablish populations of both fallow and red deer in Bulgaria’s Eastern Rhodope mountains. Introducing small groups of animals over successive years is proving a good way to establish viable red and fallow deer populations. 

Reaching out virtually to younger generations and first “rewilding” lesson for the young enthusiast of Tourism High School in Haskovo

16 April 2020  |  LIFE Vultures news

Reaching out to younger generations and inspiring them to learn more about the wild nature around them is a critical part of rewilding. This week our rewilding team participated in an exciting online lesson with young followers and enthusiasts from Secondary Vocational School of Tourism “Aleksandar Paskalev” – Haskovo, Bulgaria.

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