Lords of the Rhodopean Skies: a new online wildlife exhibition takes off for this years “Earth day” 50th anniversary

21 April 2020

This year we mark the “Earth day” 50th anniversary with a visually stunning new exhibition, showcasing the natural wonders of the Eastern Rhodopes. This year the event has gone digital and so did we.

Titled “Lords of the Rhodopean Skies”, it features 12 images depicting some of the most astonishing natural sights of the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area. Тhe virtual exhibition will be available online for two weeks on the Artsteps platform.

Through the “Lord of the Rhodopean skies” exhibition, which will be available online for two weeks, the “visitors” will be able to appreciate and learn more about the beautiful landscapes and wonderful flora and fauna of this rewilding area. The nature of this area, which is some of the richest and best preserved in Europe, includes more than 4300 animal and plant species. The most valuable natural hotspots of the Rhodope Mountains are protected by nine Natura 2000 sites. The region is Bulgaria’s only breeding location for the griffon vulture, and is the most important breeding centre on the Balkan Peninsula for the globally threatened Egyptian vulture. The area is also one of the most important Bulgarian strongholds for the wolf and jackal, while even the brown bear has begun to stage a comeback here in recent years.

Impactful wildlife and wild nature photography is always a powerful communications tool. The aim of the Lords of the Rhodopean Skies exhibition is to present the great beauty and drama of the Rhodopes to an extensive audience, reconnecting people (even those living in urban areas) with Bulgarian nature. 

With the event organised under the auspices of the “Conservation of black and griffon  vultures in the Rhodope Mountains” project (LIFE Vultures), which is funded by the European Union’s (EU) LIFE Programme, the pictorial highlight of the exhibition are awe-inspiring shots of Rhodopean griffon and black vultures.

More information how to access the exhibition will be available on the Rewilding Rhodopes FB page and event.

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