Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation

Making it real

Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation

Making it real

Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation is a Bulgarian Foundation, aiming at the greener future for the Rhodopes. The main objective is to develop sustainable initiatives which promote and combine nature conservation, green business and education.

We work for the promotion of the natural grazing, rewilding and restoration of the essential ecological processes in the Rhodopes. Short term initiatives emphasize the key role for natural grazing and reintroduction of native, wild herbivores. The unique biodiversity of the Rhodopes must remain for the future generations and raising awareness and involvement of local people has highest priority. The beauty and grandeur of the landscape and nature create the green gold for ecotourism. Restoration and sustainable conservation of the unique wildlife of Rhodopes provides a basis for development of a greener rewilding economy in the region.

Wild, native original Fallow deer, Dama dama, Studen Kladenets reserve, Eastern Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria


Rewilding Rhodopes wants to make Bulgaria a wilder place, with much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural processes. Bringing back the variety of life for us all to enjoy and exploring new ways for people to earn a fair living from the wild.


Wild nature is recognised as an important and fundamental part of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage and is an essential element of a modern, prosperous, and healthy European society


Rewilding Rhodopes aims to create magnificent wildlife and wilderness areas of international quality, that become the base for a new competitive, sustainable rural economy in these area

How do we want to achieve this?

Our team

Andreana Trifonova

Team Leader

Stefan Avramov

Rewilding Manager

Hristo Hristov

Rewilding Manager

Desislava Kostadinova

Rewilding Officer

Nelly Naydenova

Communications Manager

Todor Todorov

Enterprise Manager

Eftima Petkova

Administrative and Financial Coordinator


Alexander Petrov

Conservation Officer (ELP Project), Educational Officer

Borislav Borisov

Conservation Officer (ELP Project) 

RRF Board members:

Franciscus Gerardus Paulus Zanderink

Petar Iankov

Rossen Vassilev

Milena Nikolova

Dimitar Alexiev


Haskovo 6300,

Bulgaria Boulevard 41, Mladezhki dom, room 114

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