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The research actions within the project aim to broaden our knowledge about the biology and ecology of the black and griffon vulture and help us to better understand the major threats for the species. They will provide scientific evidences for more effective decision making and planning of the conservation activities for these species.

Study of the pattern of presence of black vulture in the Rhodopes and search for possible breeding pairs outside the known colony

Mapping nests, identify population number, age structure and pattern of movement and survival of the griffon vulture in Bulgaria and Greece

Identifying threats, mortality factors, temporary settlement areas, dispersal patterns of black and griffon vulture using GPS based telemetry

Preparing a human dimension study on the attitudes and impact

Business opportunity identification and planning


These activities are the essence of our work on the black and griffon vultures, being the main tool for prevention of the species extinction from Greece and Bulgaria. In a significant extent, they result from the evidences provided by the research activities within the project. With the conservation actions, we directly contradict the real threats as poisoning, poaching, disturbance etc.

Improve the feeding conditions for vultures involving local communities

Promote establishment of black vulture in new areas by building artificial nests

Release wild prey species to increase the natural food base for vultures

Reduce the local threat of poisoning and illegal killing in order to reduce the mortality of vultures

Install insulators to prevent electrocution and bird diverters to prevent collisions of vultures with power lines in key areas


With this activity we aim to communicate more deeply and efficiently the nature conservation messages to our target groups, which is off high importance for the conservation of the black and griffon vultures.

Creation of a high-quality audio-visual archive

Local, regional and national media activities

Local indoor exhibitions

Regular update of our website, social media, and blog

Promotion of nature tourism services


This LIFE+ project involves a series of educational and training sessions for teachers, students, environmental clubs, etc. in order to reach out to an even broader range of people and supporters.

Developing a children and youth awareness programme of extracurricular activities related to vulture conservation

Production of information materials



Outdoor info panels


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