Rewilding and cities- fostering nature’s return to the city

22 October 2021  |  News

Every place has different priorities, history, or culture and challenges like sustainability need to be addressed according to the local context. Achieving green transition needs to be done in a holistic way taking into consideration jobs, health, wellbeing, mobility, and social rights. Nature must be our biggest ally in this transition, and rewilding can provide effective solutions both in terms of rural and urban contexts.

More than 500 people attented the Vulture Festival

30 June 2021  |  News

Over the weekend with a three-day Vulture Festival Rewilding Rhodopes team marked the successful completion of the LIFE project “Conservation of black and griffon vultures in the Rhodope Mountains”. The event was attended by more than 500 people, including student classes from Plovdiv and guests from Sofia, Madjarovo and the surrounding area.

LIFE RE-Vultures: Joint efforts successfully conserve vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes

24 June 2021  |  News

Ιncreasing the Griffon Vulture population in the Eastern Rhodopes, restoring the red and fallow deer in the region and creating the first anti-poison dog unit team — these are just some of the results of LIFE-RE Vultures. Over the last five years, this project successfully implemented various conservation actions to conserve Cinereous and Griffon Vultures in the Rhodopes.

The Meteora of the North

7 June 2021  |  News

In the Kompsatos River Valley, the Thracian Meteora dominate the landscape from every viewpoint. Above the town of Iasmos, in the Rodopi prefecture, the Kompsatos Valley spreads up to the Greek-Bulgarian borders. The only activities in the Valley that persist are livestock farming and silviculture. Most residents are occupied with free grazing of livestock near the flatland settlements during the winter and around their mountain villages in the summer. Only a handful of people reside up to these ruined villages.

Another baby bison born in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria

7 June 2021  |  News

Another baby bison was born in the Eastern Rhodopes. The new addition is male and was born in the second half of May and now the herd has reached  12 animals. This is the fourth animal to be born free south of the Danube in centuries since bison were released into the wild in the Rhodopes in 2019.

New partnership to see rewilding efforts take a big step forward

23 April 2021  |  News

A new partnership between Rewilding Europe and German shoemaker Wildling Shoes will see rewilding efforts scaled up in Europe, generating wide-ranging benefits for nature and people. The collaboration will kick off with support for rewilding actions in the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area.

New Rewilding Rhodopes website takes off

16 April 2021  |  News

Rewilding enthusiasts and nature lovers in Bulgaria and around the world can now get even closer to the work of the Rewilding Rhodopes team, with the launch of the new Rewilding Rhodopes website.

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