More than 100 people attended World rewilding day in Kardzhali this weekend

27 March 2023

This weekend more than a hundred people celebrated this years World rewilding day with which took place over the weekend in Kardzhali.

На официалното откриване присъстваха заместник-кметът на община Кърджали инж. Катя Митовска, Н. Пр. Мачей Шимански. Снимка: Нели Найденова

People of all ages actively participated in the activities organized for the day, including a bird exhibition and presentation by His Excellency, Dr. Maciej Szymanski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Bulgaria, workshop “3D Bison and Deer” and interactive workshop “Painting with Light”. All events took place at the Municipal Center for Culture and Youth Activities, which was also a co-organizer of the events.

“This year we focus on the children and we have prepared a lot of activities for them as they are the future shared during the official opening Andreana Trifonova, Rewilding Rhdoopes Team leader. The purpose of World Wildlife Day is to gain the support of the general public by protecting and caring for the wildlife around us. “Rich and diverse wildlife, preserved natural processes are the key to creating natural environment and ecosystems that are resilient to climate change as well as various disasters that we have been increasingly witnessing last year.” The Eastern Rhodopes can serve as a an example and model of successful wildlife returna and ecosystem restoration and regeneration This is a long process that requires years of work by local people, the public, experts,” added Andreana Trifonova. She emphasized the that in the Eastern Rhodope you can see species that can be found in very few places in Europe, incliding some key rewilding species – the black vulture, the griffon vulture and the Egyptian vulture, the large herbivores that once inhabited the territory of Europe – European bison, fallow deer, tarpans.

After the opening, the photographic exhibition of H.E. Maciej Szymanski “Birds of Bulgaria”. The diplomat has been an amateur photographer for many years. He shared visitors that his love for photographing birds came from nearly 40 years of observing them. And while initially it was important for him to document with his lens what bird he saw, over time the hobby developed further. “I saw that it was not enough to document that I had seen a bird. More importantly, the photo will attract others so that they too will want to learn about the bird and perhaps photograph birds,” explained the ambassador. He also shared that he manages to combine the hobby with diplomacy and it even helps him. “When I photograph or when I present my exhibition, like today, I meet and talk to a lot of people,” says Machei Szymanski. The ambassador also gave a presentation on “How to photograph birds”, after which he had a long and interesting conversation with the young photographers from the “From Black to White” club. The ambassador’s exhibition will be visiting Kardzhali until April 13.

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