Job opportunity with Rewilding Rhodopes: Rewilding Manager

15 February 2024

Rewilding Rhodopes offers a full-time job opportunity for a Rewilding Manager to contribute to our rewilding mission.

Team in Rhodope Mountains Rewilding Landscape
Team in Rhodope Mountains Rewilding Landscape. Image: Ivo Danchev
Ivo Viktorov Danchev

The Rewilding Manager ensures the implementation of Rewilding Europe’s main strategy and objectives for the Rhodopes rewilding area based on our vision for the area. RM works for further wildlife comeback in Rhodopes through supporting existing species populations and through reintroduction of missing key species, including bisons, deer, wild horses etc., to establish viable populations of an original, native species composition. RM ensures that key natural processes are identified and given priority. This current position is related to the area of Zhenda, part of the RRF priority areas of intervention.

Before participating, please make sure to have read the whole Terms of the reference.

If you are interested, send your CV and motivational letter, all in English, to the email address no later than March 10th 2024.

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