Oткрий Родопите

Oткрий Родопите

Home to not only amazing birdlife this natural hotspot in Bulgaria is home to wolves and bear as well, and is a great destination for hiking, biking and kayaking. The Rhodope Mountains have a huge variety in species and habitats, and have become one of the bird watching hotspots in Europe. 

Ivo Danchev

Nature lover’s dream

The Rhodope Mountains are an active nature lover’s dream.

A strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, coupled with the influence of the Mediterranean and a low human population density, mean the area’s stunning landscapes and diverse habitats are a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The entire region is a Bulgarian stronghold for the wolf, golden jackal, souslik and otter, while the brown bear has begun to return in recent years, with bear watching becoming an increasingly popular activity.


Outdoor activities

This natural hotspot is also a great destination for hiking, biking and kayaking.

The opportunity to combine outdoor activities with birdwatching, nature photography and animal tracking, all set against the backdrop of a hospitable local culture and rich cuisine, make this an epic eastern European travel destination.

Based on such rich natural resources, nature-based tourism is now on the rise in the Rhodope Mountains. With enthusiastic hikers and birding fanatics pioneering the area’s tourism experiences, offerings now include a range of welcoming guest houses, homestays and upmarket B&Bs.

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